I just got into second year of college and I’m so relieved. Now I can dedicate all my time being creative! Playing music, writing and engulfing myslef in books. I would like to start off my blogging  by discussing books! People whenever I say I’m in the middle of a good book ‘hum’ and ‘haw’ about how ‘they don’t do reading’. Life is a book. You pick up a new book- you don’t know what’s going to happen or how it’s going to end. It’s like life. At the beginning of a book you think you know the people in it- you make assumptions and decisions based on their behavior. Life is filled with people who hide behind happy faces and most likely have serious problems. People don’t like exposing themselves to anyone. This is why I like books so much- you are told the whole story. You see the person for who they really are not their fake persona. This is where I get teary-eyed. Unfortunately like us they don’t see the tragedy coming their way. It’s funny- when they lose someone or something bad happens you feel it too. We’ve all been there….on a bed, crying our eyes out and feeling the characters pain. They story is yet to be discovered. In the book I recently read ‘The Catalpa Tree’ hit me in the place that sometimes you just want to ignore. The grief, vulnerability and independence of the main character Jude discussed and explored the inevitability of growing up. The hatred of death and impossible love. Like life the book had it’s ups and downs and the ending was a mystery. Life is not exactly the easiest thing to manage. People can hurt  you and make you feel self-conscious and make you feel small. They can also pick you up when you’re down, give you a shoulder to cry on and support that you oh so desperately need. A good book can do all this and more, all you need to do is pick the right one and make the most of every page!


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